Keeping the energy flowing

Operations and maintenance is the heart of our global energy business, ensuring that our power plants run smoothly and keep providing the world with renewable energy.

Service our wind turbines 90 meters above the ground, perform troubleshooting and diagnostics on a turbine fault or make sure that every piece of equipment is operated safely and responsibly.

As part of our large technical operations team, you’ll get to know our machinery better than anyone and help ensure that our assets operate as safely and efficiently as possible.

The technical operations team covers areas such as:

  • Electrical and mechanical troubleshooting
  • Building and repair
  • Programming and installing electronic measurement equipment
  • Safety
  • Improvement of operational procedures
  • Maintenance planning and execution
  • Tool maintenance
Young male professional smiling
"I work at the core of our power production and daily get to contribute to key tasks in our operations. My skillset is continuously improving, benefiting both Statkraft and myself. It’s a win-win situation."
Sindre Seim Tyssedalstveit
Apprentice Electrical

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