Global leadership development journeys

Leadership is about creating results through others. Our leadership journeys aim to help you develop as a leader and to nurture high performing and responsible teams – delivering pure energy.

All leadership development programmes in Statkraft are truly global programs, to enable strong international networks. In each programme there will be a diverse mix people from different nationalities and areas of expertise. 

The journeys are tailored to help you effectively enter a newly acquired role, grow in your current role, or prepare to expand to more complex roles within the company.

The main programmes are as follows:

New leader

We aim to help first time leaders to build confidence when stepping up to a leader position in Statkraft, finding their feet in the new role and develop people leadership skills​. They will build their strengths and understand what it takes to make the transition from a valued team member to a successful leader.


In this learning journey, we aim to lift leadership capabilities across Statkraft and create a common language around leadership for all leaders. Participants will increase their impact as a leader and learn the critical leadership skills needed to develop high performing teams and shape our culture for the future.


The programme is designed to help anyone leading complex tasks or projects requiring engagement and commitment from colleagues and stakeholders to develop the skills​ needed to navigate, build trust and relationships across business areas, geographies and functions. Participants will build advanced change management skills, and learn how to manage stakeholder networks and influence others.

At Statkraft we think different routes to development should exist, whether you follow a more traditional leadership path leading teams of people or pursue a path focused on developing as a discipline expert.

Global mentoring

For seasoned leaders we have a global mentoring program. Engage with a senior leader to prepare for new challenges.