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Arnaud Bellanger appointed managing director of Statkraft's French hydro division

29 Oct, 2018

Statkraft, Europe's largest generator of renewable energy, recently appointed Arnaud Bellanger as managing director of the hydropower division in France. In its new strategy, the Norwegian state-owned company defined France as one of the focus markets for its growth ambitions in continental Europe.

"We are very pleased with the recruitment of Arnaud Bellanger, who will take over the Hydropower France Division in mid-November. With a solid experience in the French energy sector, he will be responsible for Statkraft's application for the renewal of France's hydroelectric concessions," says Pieter Schipper, Senior Vice President Continental Energy Management.

Statkraft continues to actively pursue the opportunities of the upcoming French hydropower concession tenders. The aim is to participate in the first call for tenders and to reach critical mass in the upcoming rounds, which means becoming the operator for 1,000 MW of concessions or more by 2025.

Growth ambitions in French energy market

"The combination of our unique portfolio of flexible hydropower, in-depth market understanding, innovative solutions, as well as our customers' increased interest in renewable energy, make us a preferred partner for both producers and consumers of clean energy in all our markets," says Schipper. "Statkraft has been active in the French energy market for more than 15 years, with an office in Lyon since 2009. We are committed to supporting the French renewable energy development."

Statkraft has announced global annual investments of around 1 billion euros in the period 2019-2025. The new strategy comprises developing, generating and trading energy, including purchasing and selling renewable power for other companies. The majority of growth will come in Europe. France is defined as one of the focus markets for growth in hydropower, market solutions for customers and project development.

Providing PPAs and market access to renewable producers

As the leading renewable energy aggregator for producers in Europe with a portfolio of ca. 15,000 MW, Statkraft offers reliable and simple market access solutions to French renewable energy producers, both for new power plants and for existing ones. Statkraft will expand this business, working alongside with developers, investors and industry associations' working groups on corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs), to develop new types of market access solutions in France.

Since the start of the new "complément de rémunération" support scheme for renewable energy producers, Statkraft has been offering developers and investors a complete solution: a purchase agreement recognized by the main financing banks and underpinned by our strong financial rating, along with a solid process management for plant connection, the certification of capacity guarantees and REMIT reporting.

Huge potential within solar and wind power

Statkraft aims to become a major wind and solar developer, and expand today's portfolio substantially. The company has an ambition to develop projects with a capacity of 6000 MW in onshore wind and 2000 MW in solar until 2025 across Europe.

France has high priority for the growth to come as the country has ambitious targets, and a clear policy. In terms of generation, France will target to achieve between 150 and 167 TWh of renewables-sourced electricity per year in 2023. This means adding at least 70 GW of new renewable capacity by 2023.