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Statkraft’s need for talent continues despite global pandemic

08 May, 2020

With new hires steadily rolling in, Statkraft relies on virtual onboarding of new employees due to Covid-19 restrictions in all of its markets

“I got my equipment in the parking lot on day one and then digitally entered the world of Statkraft.”

That describes Tone Thingbø’s first day in Statkraft. She is one of several employees who started her new job in the thick of Covid-19 lockdowns.

A few months ago, it would have been impossible to imagine starting a new job without stepping foot in the office. Without shaking the hands of your new team members. And without the requisite tour of the office building. But for 106 new employees in Statkraft, from March to present day, this was exactly the case.

Rob de Groot
Rob de Groot joined Statkraft's office in Amsterdam on 1 April 2020, and is seeing his new colleagues in virtual teams meetings. (Photo: Statkraft)

The need for top talents in renewables has not subsided in the face of a pandemic

Statkraft is Europe’s largest provider of renewable energy, with ambitions in becoming one of the world’s largest. Statkraft is outspoken about climate change, asserting that the world will not manage to slow or stop the warming of our planet without renewables. But to achieve those goals, the company requires expertise.

Net job creation in this industry is growing steady, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency (Irena), as the increasing affordability of clean energy sources is on the rise, leading to more jobs in the industry. That means that for companies like Statkraft, the need for top talents has not subsided in the face of the global pandemic. Employee hiring, and onboarding must go on, even if virtually.

“Our industry is a growing one, as the energy transition means that renewables will play a dominant role in how we will power our world. This is a long-term mission, and one that we cannot afford to slow down with the onset of Covid-19. Climate change may not be as imminent of a crisis, but it is just as urgent. To keep up the momentum, we are continually seeking talented people to support our vision of a renewable energy-fuelled future. The hiring must go on!” according to Statkraft HR Director, Siri Langangen.

Drawing on a global talent pool, the company is continually on the hunt for people who can play a role in helping to fulfill its bold mission. There are currently 58 available positions. 

Meet seven experts who have recently joined Statkraft’s mission to lead the world’s renewable energy market

Covid-19 may have disrupted their expectations of how their first days on the job would be, but it hasn’t impacted their reasons for joining the company.

Birgitte Ringstad Vartdal
Photo: Private

Birgitte Ringstad Vartdal

  • Position: Executive Vice President, European Wind and Solar
  • Location: Oslo, Norway
  • Start date: 1 April 2020

Birgitte wanted to make an impact in an industry that was looking towards the future. She saw Statkraft as a company that held a strong position in renewable energy and had significant growth ambition.


“I began my new role in Statkraft from home. It can be challenging to be a new leader at a distance, but it’s been going surprisingly well. I’m excited to be heading our work with the growing wind and solar markets in Europe, as well as new business developments in hydrogen and electric vehicle charging. I find it so motivating to be part of a company that is contributing positively to society.”

Tone Thingbø
Photo: Private

Tone Thingbø

  • Position: Vice President Cyber Security
  • Location: Oslo, Norway
  • Start date: 1 April 2020

Tone says she was looking for a challenge, and she is inspired by the search for solid solutions in the uncertain world of cyber threats.


“I chose Statkraft for three reasons, the first being the challenge to keep Statkraft’s critical infrastructure safe and secure. I also wanted to be part of an industry that is essential for future generations, my own children and grandchildren. And, I wanted to work in an international environment, and despite working virtually, I have already met dozens of colleagues from all over.”

Himanshu Chandrakar
Photo: Private

Himanshu Chandrakar

  • Position: Head of Route to Market
  • Location: Delhi, India
  • Start date: 28 April 2020

By his second day in Statkraft, Himanshu had already met 14 of his new colleagues, virtually of course. Despite the Covid-19 restrictions, Himanshu feels fortunate to have joined such a talented team.


“I joined Statkraft because I was looking for a company that was innovative and had talented employees. This really shines through during the tough times, and Statkraft seems to be at its best these days with a well-organized, online introduction to their company for new people like me.”

Amisha Patel
Photo: Private

Amisha Patel

  • Position: Senior Communications Manager
  • Location: UK and Ireland
  • Start date: 20 April 2020

Amisha is an advocate of the low carbon economy and sees a need for radical change, which can only be realized through the use of renewable energy.


“Statkraft’s vision and sheer ambition to play an integral part of this change is what attracted me to the company. I’ve been in the job for two-weeks now, all virtually, and it’s so inspiring to dive into this positive energy narrative, especially during the unprecedented times we are in.”

Rob de Groot
Photo: Private

Rob de Groot

  • Position: Project Developer Wind
  • Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Start date: 1 April 2020

Rob knew that he wanted to stay in the world of wind power due to his long experience with this form of energy, and he was on the hunt for a job where we could contribute to its development.


“I was excited to learn that Statkraft is Europe’s largest producer of renewable energy. To me this has proven to be the best way to explain my new employer to family and friends. These days, with two kids doing home-schooling due to coronavirus restrictions, I’m so happy with my decision to join Statkraft. I appreciate the company’s care and concern for employees, which motivates me to do even more for wind development in the Netherlands.”

Enzo Contreras
Photo: Private

Enzo Contreras

  • Position: Chief Financial Officer Statkraft Chile
  • Location: Santiago, Chile
  • Start date: 16 March 2020

Enzo didn’t know much about Statkraft before he started the hiring process. But he did his homework and found four reasons that made him say ‘yes’ to a role in the company’s Chile office.


“I’ve been in Statkraft for nearly two months now and I haven’t physically met my colleagues yet! Despite the current situation, I’ve found four clear reasons that have made my decision to join a good one. I discovered a company committed to renewable energy, which I believe is fundamental to climate change prevention. I also learned that Statkraft is a company dedicated to its people; it’s company that ‘walks the talk’ by delivering on what they promise; and it’s a company that enables me to be part of the development of renewable energy in my home country.”

Shareen Hira
Photo: Private

Shareen Hira

  • Position: HR Coordinator
  • Location: Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Start date: 1 April 2020

When Shareen’s laptop was delivered to her home on her first day in Statkraft, she was also welcomed by a personal letter from her team and a bouquet of flowers. It’s a day, she says, that she’ll always remember.


“My start at Statkraft was unique to say the least; it was challenging in many ways, but I quickly learned it was possible to experience a positive virtual start. I joined Statkraft because I saw opportunity for personal development and I wanted to be a part of a Nordic-style corporate culture. This is company that lives by its sustainability focus, and I found that to be very attractive in an employer.”