Work Plan for Sites with Archaeological Findings

Chile / Hydropower / Project

During the environmental assessment of the project, the site to be occupied by Los Lagos project was studied. This is, more than 200 hectares, including the reservoir area.

The survey was carried out following the authorization of the National Monuments Council (CMN) of Chile – entity in charge of safeguarding the cultural patrimony – and resulted in the finding of ceramic fragments and carved stone pieces.

These archaeological remains are located in an area of less than one hectare, in a site located in the reservoir area of the plant, at 2.5 km from the area where the construction works are being developed.

These sites have been previously used in agricultural and cattle industries of the area.

Statkraft has the authorization of the National Monuments Council (CMN) to rescue these findings, which will be executed son.

The reservoir impounding for Los Lagos plant is the last stage of the project. The rescue of the archaeological pieces will be executed before this; therefore, it will not be impacted by the impounding.


It is not real that the site where these archaeological findings are will be damaged by the construction of the project.
It is important to mention that Los Lagos Project also considers an Archaeological Supervision Plan while excavation works are being executed for the construction of the plan, which includes the permanent presence of an archaeologist, professional that will safeguard the cultural patrimony, as well as any potential finding.