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Participatory Monitoring

Chile / Hydropower / Project

To review and follow-up the environmental agreements that need to be fulfilled during the construction of Los Lagos plant, we have in Statkraft a Participatory Monitoring Plan, which considers the participation of communities, neighbours and all the stakeholders.

The plan seeks to generate technical knowledge, making transparent the activities of the project regarding interesting topics for the community.

This initiative considers technical training workshops, so the participants of each panel have the necessary information to review the reports of each area.

Each panel will have an annual calendar for the monitoring activities and coordinated visits to site to verify the compliance of the measures and agreements of Los Lagos project, together with the results of the work carried out.

The Participatory Monitoring Plan considers three panels or areas to be followed-up:

  1. Monitoring Panel for Water and Environment
  2. Monitoring Panel for Local Social Production
  3. Monitoring Panel for Archaeology

To be part of these monitoring panels, please send an email to:

It is necessary to take into consideration that to participate in these panels a participation commitment letter needs to be subscribed.

Panels Description

Monitoring Panel for Water and Environment

Verifies compliance of the Environmental Follow-up Plan agreed in the Resolution of Environmental Qualification (RCA) of the project, considering affairs related to water and environment that are interesting for the communities of the area of influence of the project.


To monitor indicators related to water quality and quantity in the discharge to the stream, flow, biological corridor, Forestry Management Plan, among others.


  • Carry out technical trainings for participants
  • Present follow-up reports carried out by Los Lagos project
  • Preparation and implementation of a monitoring calendar on site
  • Sharing of results of the works carried out by the panel
  • Action plan

Monitoring Panel for Local Social Production

Verifies compliance of the Environmental Follow-up Plan agreed in the Resolution of Environmental Qualification (RCA) of the project, considering affairs related Local Labour Hiring and Tourism Development.

Besides, it verifies the fulfilment of the social investment plan of the project in its area of influence, related to social affairs of employment generation, suppliers, and support to local economy.


To monitor the fulfilment of the social and production agreements of the Project, especially those connected to employments, tourism, local entrepreneurship and education support.


  • Permanent information on indicators status
  • Training in topics of interest
  • Generation of collaboration opportunities with specific groups
  • Sharing of panel activities
  • Action plan

Monitoring Panel for Archaeology

Seeks to share the procedures and results of the archaeological supervision plan of Los Lagos project during its execution, and also share the archaeological rescue process agreed in the Resolution of Environmental Qualification (RCA).


To participate in the archaeological follow-up activities of the project.


  • Generate periodic information on the findings’ status
  • Train on archaeological matters (local archaeology)
  • Share the archaeological activities in the participatory panel
  • Action plan

The programme is being developed in the Pilmaiquen river basin, natural limit of the communes of Rio Bueno and Puyehue, Los Rios and Los Lagos regions. Up to date, it has 26 members from 17 organization, seven of them from indigenous communities in the area of social influence of Los Lagos Project of Statkraft Chile. 80% of the people trained are taking part in the actions on site.

Contribution to the sustainable development goal No. 16 / Peace, justice and strong institutions
Guaranties the adoption of inclusive, participatory and representative decisions – at all levels – that cover the needs, as stated in the UN Sustainable Development Goal 16: Peace, justice and strong institutions.

This is an open initiative and all people or organizations interested can participate. The programme is focused on transparency and the participation of the community in the follow-up of environmental agreements of Los Lagos project.

First Milestone

The first milestone of the Participatory Monitoring Plan was achieved in December 2019, when a workshop was carried out for the preparation of the Panel on Water and Environment, which had the objective of understanding the aquatic ecosystems of the Pilmaiquen river and its relationship with hydropower plants.

The workshop was given by the specialists of the Centro de Ecología Aplicada (CEA – Centre of Applied Ecology), institution with a career path of more than 26 years and broad experience in monitoring and surveying information for baselines of different clients from different areas of the economy.

For the local community, the Pilmaiquen river is a unique ecosystem, which nature and anthropic uses constitute a source of life in different dimensions.

This panel follows-up the monitoring variables for the quality of the water in the river.