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Photo: Dag Spant

Pressure pipelines at pumped storage power plant in Erzhausen

Silva Green Fuel

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Silva Green Fuel is a collaboration between Statkraft and Sødra, formed in 2015 to develop and produce advanced biofuel to replace fossil fuels.

Silva Green Fuel is presently constructing a demonstration plant to test groundbreaking production technology at the Statkraft Tofte site. The plant is to be built within the old storage building and is scheduled for launch during the autumn of 2021.

After a two-year validation period, the long-term goal is to benefit from the biomass value chain and build and operate a commercial biofuel facility. This plant could be ready for operations at the earliest in 2025 and would form the centre of the future Tofte industry cluster.


Company Ownership share
Statkraft 51%
Södra 49%
Silva Green Fuel is located at the industrial site at Tofte

Silva Green Fuel is located at the industrial site at Tofte

Key facts

  • Demo plant for second generation biofuel
  • Made from forest feedstock
  • Located at Tofte in Buskerud
  • Test period from 2019 – 2020
  • Can produce 4,000 litres of biofuel per day

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