Summer project

Answers to specific questions about Statkraft's summer project positions.

When do you publish the summer project positions and where can I find them?

The summer project is announced in the spring each year, usually around March. The summer project positions will be published on our website.

Who can apply for the summer project in Statkraft?

All students who are in their 2nd to 5th year of study can apply for the summer project.

What is the purpose of the summer project?

The summer project is an initiative hosted by Statkraft each year which includes candidates from different academic and cultural backgrounds. The candidates will be working intensively together as a team on topics that are relevant and important to Statkraft. You can read more about the summer project and previous projects here.

How many do you hire for the summer project each year?

Statkraft usually hires 6-8 candidates for the summer project each year.

When is the summer project period, and how long does it last?

The summer project period runs over 8 weeks, usually from mid-June to mid-August.

Is the summer project based in Norway?

The placement for the summer project depends on the project. Examples of previous placements; Oslo, New Delhi and Düsseldorf.

Is it a requirement to speak Norwegian?

As an international company, Statkraft’s work language is English. We recruit summer students from universities across the world, so Norwegian is not a requirement.

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