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Expertise and favourable conditions

Norway is politically stable and scores high on "Ease of business" and "Low corruption" surveys. Regulation is regarded as highly transparent and non-discriminatory towards foreign investors.

Wind park on top of a snowy mountain

Industry Development has a long tradition of working together with the power intensive industry. We acknowledge that an investor is not looking for a site developer or energy provider alone; what we offer is industry building.

Our long-term perspective on wind and hydropower production is an advantage for green industry investors. Industry Development has access to the diverse and international expertise within Statkraft - currently supplying Norwegian industry with 12TWh annually on long term contracts.

Technology environment

Norway’s world class industries within oil and gas, energy, maritime and the seafood sector, ensures a rich variety of highly motivated and educated workforce. Industry sectors tend to cooperate, and national research and development has over 40 government funded clusters.

Environmental footprint

Our biggest environmental advantage is our abundant hydro and wind power resource. If an establishment is located in a coal-based power system, consumption of 500 GWh would result in a footprint of more than 400.000 tons CO2. Located in Norway, the same footprint would be next to 0 tons CO2.

Norway is:

  • not exposed to extreme natural occurrences such as: hurricanes, volcanic eruptions or tornadoes
  • relatively cold and the climate ensures natural cooling, reducing the need for power consumption

Quality of life

Norway is always ranked high as the happiest country in the world, according to the United Nation’s World Happiness Report. A study that takes income, health and emotional well-being into consideration.

Norway is politically and economically stable, set in a diverse and vibrant society, with access to a highly educated English-speaking workforce. There is high quality of life and access to spectacular outdoor experiences, vibrant cities and unspoilt natural beauty.

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